Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fashion at Work

I know I complained about those gaucho pants before, but I saw something today that almost made me laugh out loud. You know those Italian loafer shoes that all the cool boys are wearing these days?

Besides the alligator detailing and the two-tone brown with the buckle, look at how pointy that toe is! Practically a weapon. It makes me think of those poulaines that you always see in those 15th-century paintings:

I don't know why these are fashionable. Come on, guys, you look like you have clown feet.

Not sexy.

These are possibly only to be outdone by that old middle manager standby, the tasseled loafer:

Bleargh. If I were single, this? Would be a dealbreaker.

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TJ and Laura said...

Hee hee... they remind me of the shoes that the Wicked Witch of the West wore when she got hit by the house. When I see them on the street, I half expect them to curl up and show some stripey socks. Coooooool... Who BUYS these things?!