Monday, January 4, 2016

Sex and Sacrament

Am I a Christian? Not by a long shot. I am clergy of an entirely different stripe, darlings. Far from the hallowed institutions of mainstream religion, my faith is a shadowy fertility cult of the highest order. One that marks and celebrates every turning point in our cycle, from seed and root, to bud and stem, to leaf and flower and fruit. We invoke our gods by Life and Love. Every password, every sign of recognition, every welcome for us is as intimate as a kiss.

We are the ones for whom the main Sacrament (read: the only Sacrament) is fucking. That central, primal urge that is both Beginning and End: life and death and rebirth that merges in a single moment of orgasm.  It is a holy act; one that both initiates and fulfills the meaning of what it means to be fully human. Our Goddess is the Mother of all who pours her love upon the Earth. Our God is to be found at the bottom of every breath, and whose antlered visage can set both the head aflame with inspiration and the loins aflame with arousal.

We seek and find our Holy Communion with our Gods in the act of sex. Every time we fuck our lovers, they become for us the divine representation of God or Goddess. In the act of love we become the Divine pair, spinning in an eternal ecstatic dance. Tender or rough, refined or raw, bound or free, we find we achieve a certain level of spiritual perfection in satisfying ourselves and our partners as well as we can, and taking full enjoyment of the gifts given to us in this lifetime.
Every act of love and pleasure are My rituals. Confirm it. Embrace it. Set yourselves free.

-Inanna’s Whore

Taken lovingly from The Church of Incarnate Pleasure

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